Filter Fakers Tumblr Enforces The #Nofilter Rule By Shaming Instagram Hashtag Cheaters

Filter Fakers-1

If Instagram users want to use the #nofilter hashtag for their photos, they better be sure there’s no filter.

A Tumblr site called Filter Fakers has become the de facto filter police by shaming Instagram users who claim they are using #nofilter to show off how awesome they are on the iPhone camera. In reality, these filter cheaters are using one of the app’s many filters like Amaro, Hudson and Valencia. While a few of the submissions may look unedited, most Instagram users caught by Filter Fakers used the #nofilter hashtag even though the filter is obvious.

Users who spot a Filter Faker can submit their Instagram links to Filter Fakers here, and if it’s actually a fake, it will be posted on the Tumblr very soon. The site is updated constantly with Instagram users cheating the #nofilter rule.

In its about page, Filter Fakers said that #nofilter is one of the most popular hashtags on Instagram: “With over 40 million photos uploaded on Instagram daily, there are obviously quite a few cheaters out there. People that want you to think their photos just turned out that great, completely without the help of any filters. And you had to believe them – until now.”

See a few of the Filter Fakers in the photos below.

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