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And you did a video with Dirk recently featuring the Dallas Mavericks cheerleaders. How did you and Dirk come up with that idea?

Dirk is loving the Rolling Stones, you know? And I think they are okay cool, you know? But I be honest: he could like any song, and I would say immediate — it could be “Chopsticks,” it could be Miley Cyrus’ “What Is Who Know What Party In My USA,” you know, does not matter — Dirk say, we do it, we do it. So he like this tune, and I said, “Dirk I love you in a platonic way — no makeout-grabs way, you know — what you like, we will do.” So we did do it.

So if Dirk likes twerking music, you would do it too?

Great, great, no problems. Yes, I know my twerking issues — the booty seizures — but if Dirk like it, who cares? Great. Dirk like it, I like it. We change from twerking to … Dirk-ing.

Dirk-ing! Alright, what would Dirk-ing be like?

We must ask Dirk. It would be magic. It was probably explosion your eyes.

How did you find out about YouTube?

I did discover YouTube from a nice video of a kitten cat. It was like, my momma was like, “Hey Flula [states German phrase]” and she show me it’s like a cat who looks like he’s like playing the song, ba ba ba beep bop boop. But it was not a real cat. It was just a cat with like — pianos cat! I think this is my first one that I can remember, and so I said, “I’m not a cat, I have like a tiny of piano here.”

So how did you start making YouTube videos?

I was feeling — well I was in a documentary about me as I did come here some years ago, and so someone did film this and he did upload this. So this was like my first experience of YouTube. Also I was drunk one day and someone also did film this and put up on the YouTube. Not a good idea.

Was this the one where some guy was driving you home?

Home James.

Home James, yes.

Yeah, James. And so this was first, and then I start to make music videos as of course I’m a musician so then I did upload those music videos. This was like the start of it.

Now let’s get back to Home James, because that was your first taste of YouTube fame. Tell us what happened behind the scenes at that interesting video.

I was here to visit in Los Angeles, and there was an excellent bar — it is called Red Lion — and so it is a nice place because it had German beers, and so I was like, “Great, German beers. I feel at home sicker, so let’s go have of this.” And I was having probably too many — I think I had four or five — and so then I did call because I cannot drive now, and so this person did come with a moped — the person have a name, Lawrence — and he said, “Hey, I should pick up also there is camera here, so it’s okay if cameras is coming?” And I’m drunk, who cares? If you said eight old ladies with snipers in the car, great, I’m a drunk one, who cares, you know? You’re like — what you say — spring break! Nobody is caring. So then it was that.


Was that the worst you’ve ever been drunk?

This is top seven.

Top seven? So what would you say is number 1?

Number 1 did involving — well, that’s 2 — number 1, I will only say there were two cows in the start of the night, and in the morning, there was three cows.

[laughs] Interesting. Do you have any favorite YouTubers you follow?

I love many of the YouTubers. I think they’re great. I have learned about and did make some things with Daily Grace — do you know the Daily? And Hannah Hart also — watch out, she’s cool. And I like all of the big boys on the ice and the tiny boys and girls also. What is some other ones I like? MysteryGuitarMan — watch out, it’s a mystery and here comes the music, you know? So like that. But I like everyone, not only YouTubers. I like other people like Dirk Nowitzki and Reggie Watts — do you know who this is?

Yes, Reggie Watts.

Woah. Watch your pants. Those were [makes explosion sound] and everything explodes when he’s coming.

Pretty cool guy. I met him once.

Oh man watch out. I think it is always a beard. I think if you shave the beard he is an accountant in like the Bank of America, but then he wakes up, puts it here and viola! Watch out, Billboard music!

Why do you think YouTube is a good place to promote your music?

I think YouTube is excellent for music promoting because it is so easy, you know? It is like — what you say — like a Crock-y Pot? You know, you just take your little beans and your meat and your tomatoes, you dunk in the Crock-y Pot and then you go fishing. You return four hours later, what you have? Dinner. This is what is YouTube. I go, I make uploads of music, I go bicycle, push-up, turn around, hey views!

Your most famous videos are not so much about you making music — they’re about your confusion or you trying to understand certain American idioms. “Jennifer is a Party Pooper,” for instance, that was probably your most viewed video.

I think so yeah.

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