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What is it about American idioms that really confuse or baffle you?

I think because I do not know these as a baby, as a child. In Germany we have some of course; we say strange things to people but I did grow up as a 7-year-old boy and I did know those. But now I come here and people are talking about put your fishes in a barrel, shoot it, you know? Or look at that, it’s daddy’s long legs. Who, what, you know it is tiny synaptic lobes are in my head when I hear this so I don’t understand Sometimes it’s like, is it real? Is the party — is someone really going to the party for pooping? This really is occurring? Or is it just people say this and then I say, “Who is doing this?” If she really make do it, prison, go, we do not need this. This is an excellent party. Look, nice music, oh we’re watching a film and then she go and do it?

Either way, figuratively or literally, being a party pooper is bad.

Agreed! See this is my thing. Sometimes I do not know if it is real, but sometimes I’m like, “Really this is your phrase? This is what we say for this little eventing?” Watch out reality, you’re sleeping.

They didn’t teach these little idioms in English class in Germany?

Well, it is so hard here, I am learning now in America, England, you have so many of these. There are like 10 million-gillion, and people here, they speak sometimes only with the idiom. It’s like a sentence can be like, “Hey, what’s cracking? I’m good. Look at the jar it’s full, look at the camel, it broke the back in the straw. Hey!” What is this? Really? But I understand from German, it’s like, “Hello, how are you today? I am good. Are you hungry for apples pie?”

[laughs] But doesn’t that make the conversation sound boring?

Well it make it seem I can understand it; instead it seems like [makes garbled noise]. It like man put applesauce in the mouth and spit on my head. This is like I understand this in the same way.

How did you learn English? What were the difficulties trying to learn a second language?

It’s tough for me, and people always are saying, “Hey Flula, your English sometimes it is terrible and sometimes it is very terrible, you know? Why is this occurring?” And I think for me, I think for me it is like if I am a tired person, then my English is shit — it’s terrible because my brain cannot make the translate, translate, translate — oh forget it, I just spit out words I may understand, you know? But to learn is tricky for me because I always go back-forth, back-forth, back-forth. Now my German is terrible, my English is terrible, my sign language is no existing, everything is terrible now.

How are you going to improve that?

Step off, that’s rude. You’re going to improve that? I’m joking. I do not know; perhaps more speaking, you know more rapping, more — do you have some suggestions?

Just talk. I mean at least you put it out there.

I pull it out.

How do people react on YouTube when you seem frustrated about “party pooper,” “shooting fish in a barrel,” “daddy long legs” — those videos that you make, how do people react?

I feel many times they’re like, “Oh man, we feel it. You frustrating.” It is like I’m receiving digital hugs from the people. Like type a comment, it feel like a hug — it’s not, they’re not sending me like —


Let’s change the subject here. Speaking on the internet, do you have any favorite memes you follow?

So yeah we were speaking earlier — so meme is like poster, words on the poster, right?

Well it is a little bit more than that but it is probably one of the most popular forms of picture with text.

I like the one that’s like Bruce Willis and it says “Die Hard.”

I’m not quite sure if that’s a meme but it is a poster, yes.


Do you share funny photos on the internet?

Do you mean with like Instagram and like, “Hey look it’s me with my tortilla!”

We can talk about Instagram, yes.

So Instagram?


I do do it, I use it. I enjoy it.

What do you like to post on Instagram?

I like to share photos.


Of things like of my face sometimes — little narcissism alert, you know?

You do selfies?

I think people like the selfies. Sometimes I’m like, “Look, cute poodle!” No likes. And then I’m like, “I’m tired,” and people are like, like, like, like, like, like, so I don’t understand but as you say like if you’re the chef in a restaurant, if a person ordering beans, do not give them spaghetti.

Duly noted. Duly noted.

Duly noted.

You also have this relatively new video series called “Auto Tunes” where you’re driving in a car and blasting out some of your own tunes. How did you come up with that idea?

I’m sitting many times in my car because it’s as a working person, watch out work, work, work, you know? And you need a place that’s not like a work place, so I sit in my auto — or any auto — and I immediately feel like relaxation, so I film many of my videos in there and then I was sitting in there, and I did come an idea and I said, “This is it!” You know, people say, “My best idea is always in my shower,” like oh theory of relativity or something, so for me, it was just in the car and I said, “Oh, ‘Auto Tunes’!”

 What was your first “Auto Tunes” like?

It was a weird one. I think always they are like the first time is watch out, and so this was the same. I just did a very simple camera and just these two boys and I did do “Whistle” by Flo Rida? Yeah?

Flo Rida.

Yeah, so I did his song and then I start to do more and then I was like, “This is interesting. Perhaps a friend shall come like Dirk Nowitzki. Come buddy, let’s make a tune.” Then I was using other instruments and things like that, and so now I love it! It’s very fun to do and to have a team. It’s like the A Team!

 You ever get bothered by the police for putting out your music in a public street?

I have learned from a friend, this was Steve to say to me, “Always look like you’re right.” So I always just look like, this is normal and a smile and go and do it. I think if I was like beatboxing but like looking like this [makes nervous expression], then the cops immediate. But if you’re beatboxing and you’re like this, sometimes someone will make a “Yeah.”

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