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 So it’s about looking confident.


 You have four different angles for some of your videos including the “Gangnam Style” one which was a really popular …

Yeah that was a fun time. So I own 7 GoPro cameras and then my other friend also have 3 — that’s 10.

 Ten cameras.

Blop, blop, blop, splip, splop, suction, suction, tape, tripod, go, head, chest, everyone and then I just go record. And we do it. All of the angles and then watch out, editing.

 How are people reacting to “Auto Tunes”?

To my “Auto Tunes”? People are I think are saying,” Hey great work!” Or sometimes thumbs up or sometimes someone said, “I like that. Do more of those for me please.” And then someone said, “Great.”

 Are you open to suggestions for new “Auto Tunes” or new things for YouTube? Do you get ideas from the comments?

I do sometimes read the comments and do I — you say — do I get good suggestions? Oh wow it’s great. It’s like a — have you had before in your life chili?


Do you look in the bowl and you see all of the things?

 Sometimes I do.

Yeah, that’s like the comments of YouTube. Sometimes you look around, you’re not paying attention — what should I do? What should I do? Stop, look down.

 So you like observing what’s inside your chili?

Well this is like what you say a “metaphor.” A metaphor, so the carrots, perhaps this is a video I have 10 minutes, tell me what to do — which I make. Maybe you see some ground beef — this is “Auto Tunes.” It’s a metaphor.

 What other projects are you working on in terms of YouTube and your music?

I’m making an album about animals so I have written many tunes already about these. I have songs I have write about a daddy long legs which is a weirdo animal. I have done something about cockroaches — the song is called “Cockroach (There Is A Bug In Your Kitchen) ” I have done “Unicorn Swag” — I have written this song.

 Now that is something I would like to hear a sample of.

Of course I just did format my laptop. I can play for you in a little bit, yeah remind, make remind, we’ll dance together.

 We’ll dance to “Unicorn Swag.”

Also “Runaway Dog.” I did have a song about Hootie did leave when I was 9, and it did make trauma for me because Hootie was like — have you seen like “Cagney & Lacey” or like “Thelma and Louise”?

 I’ve seen “Cagney & Lacey.”

That was like our partnering. Or like “Who’s the Boss?” — Tony Danza and the lady. Hootie was like Tony Danza, and then what — season cancelled, where are you? Sad. So yeah, sorry, so I making album, I write novels and I stream them live. Always a live stream, people may watch and make suggestion to me like, “What’s your next chapter?” Oh I tell you.

 So you chat with your audience?

Oh yeah I love to chat. Lets chat. Time for chatty, chatty Cathys, we are chatty Cathys. Chatty Catherines? Chat, someone’s chatty.

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