Football Player Becomes YouTube Sensation With Nearly 3MM-Viewed 25 MPH Treadmill Run

Last March, during the Arizona Cardinals mini-camp, football player Robert Gill recorded himself running a treadmill at 25 miles per hour. Little did he know that the grainy 21-second video would make him famous outside the football field.

Gill, a wide receiver, eventually posted the video June 25 and in only a few days became a YouTube sensation. The clip of the astonishing feat got 1 million views in its first day after ESPN featured the video and has made him the envy of the football community. A little bit more than a week later, the 29-year-old rookie became a guest on “The Today Show.”

Speaking about his overnight success, he told the Arizona Cardinals website: “I wouldn’t even think I’d be on ‘The Today Show.’ It never even crossed my mind. Just stuff like that just happens. Some people love to see what you do.”

As of today, the video closing in on 3 million views.

Gill’s treadmill video has also produced a few copycats, including an attempt by former NFL wide receiver Chad Johnson (better known by his previous name Chad Ochocinco). He only made it to 24 miles per hour.

Will Gill’s 25 miles per hour treadmill sprint help the Cardinals win the Super Bowl? See for yourself in the viral video above.

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