FPSRussia YouTube Channel To Begin Filming Soon In The Wake Of FBI And ATF Raids

Things have been difficult for the FPSRussia YouTube channel in the past few months. Almost three months after one of the channel’s co-founders was found shot to death in Georgia, federal agents raided the family compound of Kyle “FPSRussia” Myers searching for illegal explosives and weapons.

Although agents left the compound without finding any illegal weapons, the official FPSRussia YouTube channel has been on an indefinite hiatus since. However, according to the Huffington Post, FPSRussia and the gang are prepping for their big comeback.

“We’ll start filming again in a few weeks,” Kitty Wandel, producer of FPSRussia told the Huffington Post. “We’ve got some huge things planned.”

Wandel spoke about the complications regarding the absence of FPSRussia producer Keith Ratliff who was the victim of a homicide earlier this year: “We’ve obviously been unable to replace Keith.”


Several months after the death of Ratliff, federal agents raided Myers’ home searching for, as Wandel explains, bank accounts and weapon caches. “I think they were expecting to find high explosives like dynamite or C4,” Wandel explains.

Wandel remained tight-lipped when discussing the details of upcoming FPSRussia videos with the exception of one piece of juicy news: “Let’s just say, one of our videos is going to include a Russian fighter jet.”


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