Fullscreen CEO George Strompolos Discusses New Creator Platform, Future Challenges of Multi-Channel Networks [INTERVIEW]


Fullscreen announced the launch of its Creator Platform today, which is a series of apps for creators to help them monetize their content and analyze statistics related to their videos. Some of the apps that make up the Fullscreen Creator Platform include Scheduler, which allows creators to plan publishing times for videos, and Gorilla, which allows creators to earn additional revenue from sponsorships. With 15 custom apps at hand, creators can check out how their videos are doing from their laptop or on the go through Fullscreen’s iOS apps.

Fullscreen founder and CEO George Strompolos talked to NMR about how the Fullscreen Creator Platform works and what its launch means not only for content creators but also for brands.

What is Fullscreen trying to do with the Fullscreen Creator Platform?

George Strompolos: The goal of the platform is to help bring partners who are YouTube creators to grow their audience, better monetize and connect with the community. We have been at the forefront of creating tools for our YouTube creators since our inception two years ago and this is the culmination of everything we’ve learned in terms of providing a true mission control to help empower our creators. What they were excited about the product was that now we have created a suite of exclusive apps for our partners that help address growing our audience, monetizing and better connecting with others. We’re launching with 15 custom apps and plan to launch more in the future. Our general belief is that in order to build a multi-channel network that has a true global footprint, we need to offer our partners software tools to help them manage their channels and connect with the network and that’s what we’ve done here.


What kind of tools are available on the Fullscreen Creator Platform?

We’ve created options for them to license original music, creating options to connect with each other, deep analytics to see how their videos are shared across the web. Really, a number of powerful tools that our technical team has built and will build for many years to come. The Fullscreen Creator Platform will also be available on mobile phones and other iOS applications. We get probably 2-3 tweets a day asking us to launch a mobile app, and they should be pleased about that. We’re happy that these tools are created for these people and now it can be in their pockets.

How can brands benefit from Fullscreen’s new innovations?

What we’re noticing is a trend in the industry where brands are thinking themselves less as advertisers and more as creators as well. Fullscreen is the leader in servicing brands and companies on YouTube, and brands have a role in the creator platform too because they are becoming creators. Our brand partners include NBC, Fox, General Electric, Martha Stewart, Univision and more, and we’re now able to provide them enterprise-level analytics, channel management solution, opportunities to connect with creators so brands can cross-promote with users, and we also provide to the brands channel management services.

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