‘Girls’ Room Graff’ Tumblr Gives The Best Advice You’ll Ever Get From Inside a Bathroom Stall

Some of the best advice I ever received as an undergraduate was from the stall walls of the library bathroom. In that bathroom, girls took to the wall like artists taking to a blank canvas, spilling upon it their deepest secrets, tales of their sexual misadventures and pieces of advice they hoped to pass onto the next girl who happened to take a seat. Numerous time the school attempted to paint over the graffiti, but in a matter of days, the walls would once again be covered in writing by girls who took comfort in the anonymity their wall confession provided.

The Tumblr “Girls’ Room Graff” sets out to capture the best and worst advice found uniquely within the bathroom stall walls. From posts sent in all around the country, each photo provides unique insight into the candid thoughts women have about dating, sex, relationships and more. So next time you make a trip to your favorite bathroom, leave a little note establishing you were there, because during your time on the porcelain throne, what else are you really going to be doing?

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