Girl’s Selfie At College Baseball World Series is Viral Sensation [VIDEO]

This is the ultimate goal of a “selfie” — taking the one photo of yourself that gets seen by the entire “relevant” world.

This girl, who charged out on the field during a college World Series game, is clearly achieving one of the major items on her bucket list, as evidenced by the smile she wears throughout. The selfie, which emerged as a viral photograph yesterday and has been expanded to include video from the event today, shows the college-age girl in the moment before she is tackled by security and lead off the field.

It is quite possibly the world’s most expensive selfie too, as the stunt cost the girl $1,500. Of course, if she pops up on a couple of talk shows, like people who make the viral headlines do, she’ll make it all back quickly. After that, it becomes about ignoring all the copycats.

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