‘Glee’ Star Cory Monteith Records Tragic ‘Advice Video’ For Fans Before Overdose

Last weekend, 31-year-old “Glee” star Cory Monteith was found dead in his hotel room from what coroners have since ruled to be a heroin overdose. While “Glee” fans and Hollywood continue to mourn the death of the troubled actor, a new YouTube video has just been uncovered that Monteith recorded on his final flight. In the short clip, Monteith introduces himself to a fan and advises her to stay out of trouble and stay in school.

Monteith has been open about his past addiction to alcohol and drugs, which started when he was 12. While Monteith claims to have gotten sober in his twenties after landing the role of Finn on the popular show “Glee,” sources have stated that the wealth and privilege that came with his role only fueled his addictions. In late March of this year, Monteith voluntarily entered rehab for his substance abuse and was said to be in high spirits in the months leading up to his death. His family and girlfriend, “Glee” star Lea Michele, are currently gathered together in Vancouver to plan the late star’s upcoming funeral.

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