GlobalSoup’s Matt Hogan Talks About Finding Emerging YouTubers and His Upcoming Secret Project With WheezyWaiter [INTERVIEW]


Discovering entertaining content creators is important for creating a diverse YouTube community and Matt Hogan’s GlobalSoup channel seeks to give upcoming and niche YouTubers more publicity. What makes Hogan stand out from other channels that showcase YouTube’s best and brightest is that he is an upcoming talent himself.

Hogan started GlobalSoup back in November while he was a college student in Alabama and promoted creators like prankster Stuart Edge, who is best known for his “Mistletoe Prank.” Even though he had few connections and a small subscriber base, Big Frame signed him up as one of their partners within two months of launching his YouTube channel. Now months after GlobalSoup went live, Hogan is starting a company with legendary YouTube vlogger Craig Benzine — better known as WheezyWaiter.

Speaking to NMR, Hogan discussed how he tries to boost the YouTube community despite his small numbers, the things he’s learned from his short time on YouTube and how he had a chance of a lifetime to collaborate with WheezyWaiter on a still-secret business project.

You’re collaborating with one of the big YouTubers Craig Benzine – better known as WheezyWaiter – on a “secret project” called WheezySoup and you’ve only been on YouTube less than a year. What details can you tell us?

Matt Hogan: Right now we kind of have it under wraps. The company was started last month. I met Craig at Playlist Live in April. I got a phone call from Rachel Skidmore who worked at Big Frame at the time and is one of the talent coordinators at Wonderly and I was doing some live coverage for Wonderly at Playlist. She was like, “Hey, come up to this hotel room and I want to introduce you to some of the Big Frame staff.” Craig walked in the room and I was like, “Holy crap, that’s WheezyWaiter! I’ve been watching him for years.” I’ve been doing YouTube since November – I haven’t been doing this for a year. We were hanging out and I told Craig about this idea and he told me straight to my face and said “Dude, I want to work with you on that idea.” Then we started working together and we incorporated in June.

What we’re doing right now with the company is we’re doing a logo design contest. We started a Facebook page ( – ha, we’re so clever with our naming! It’s Craig’s and my username put together. In the past week, we had 1,500 people liking the page and submit over 250 submissions without knowing about the company. They don’t know what it’s about, they don’t know what we do.

Now that you and WheezyWaiter are starting your own company, how did you find out about him?

The first YouTuber I got into was Philip DeFranco. I’m kind of a news junkie. I started watching Phil DeFranco and he mentioned WheezyWaiter a while back and I checked him out and I said “He’s pretty good.” It started to grow on me as I started to watch every day and it’s cool that we’re business partners now.

What do you like about his vlogging style and his content?

I don’t know. It’s feels so personal, I guess. He has a very personal approach to his vlogging. He’s got a good sense of humor and all-around he’s a great guy. His off-camera persona is the same as his on-camera persona. He’s a goofy guy all-around and he’s great to work with. You get on the phone with him and start laughing and joking.

You said you’ve been doing YouTube content since November. How did you get started?

Basically, I got bored. I was living in Alabama in an apartment and it was just me and my dog. I started browsing YouTube and I had class like twice a week. I was just sitting around nothing to do. I started finding out these awesome YouTubers – little guys that do have a ton of followers and what not. I found out they were cool. I reached out to a couple of them and I said, “Hey, you know I want to get into the YouTube thing and just collaborate on a few things and can we got some views going?” They found out I’m just a big guy who’s an underdog and whatnot, and I wanted to promote these guys. It’s funny when they came up to me and said, “Hey, you have 20 subscribers and I have a 1,000 subscribers. How are you promoting me going to help me?” It was not easy getting that going with the little guys at first. We started off with a couple of other YouTubers, but that fell off because they didn’t stay consistent with the program. GlobalSoup is about finding niche YouTubers and kind of give them a large audience. They would watch that and sometimes we’d include people that we liked and whatnot.