GlobalSoup’s Matt Hogan Talks About Finding Emerging YouTubers and His Upcoming Secret Project With WheezyWaiter [INTERVIEW]


What is the story behind the name GlobalSoup?

That’s a good question [laughs]. When we started, we had a host from Australia, from Greece and the United Kingdom. It’s gone to the point where there were so many hosts in different time zones every time, which makes it so hard to put out consistently good content. In fact, if you go back to the early videos of GlobalSoup, you can see the inconsistency of the feel, the look and the production quality. I think it’s important, especially in the YouTube world, to create consistent content and good-looking content. Some of the guys just couldn’t keep up with it and it just kind of fell apart. I sat back and I had 200 subscribers and I thought, “Maybe I should just tackle this myself.” I did and then the lovely Sarah Penna of Big Frame contacted me and she told me, “Hey, I like your stuff. Would you consider joining Big Frame?” I was like, “Sure!”

How long have you been with Big Frame?

I’ve been with them since early January.

How do you feel about the fact that two months into your YouTube career, you get a call from Big Frame and now you’re signed into a network?

What happened was you get these smaller, dinky networks you don’t ever hear of. I can’t remember half of these names and they wanted to sign me. It wasn’t like a Fullscreen or a Maker like that. I got to hear from four of them and I heard at the time about the content creators signing on to networks and we had just done a feature on Connor Manning, who’s signed to BigFrame. He seemed so happy with them and what not. I found Sarah Penna on Facebook and I mention it and I said, “Hey, is there any way you can help me with this network stuff?” She fell in love with my stuff and she was like, “I’ll sign you!” She offered an awesome deal and it was great. I love being with Big Frame and I work with some of the best people in the world and if I need help, I just reach out. Hell, I had a problem with my camera and I texted MysteryGuitarMan. That melted my face off! I can text MysteryGuitarMan if I need help? This is awesome!

How do you discover the personalities you want to feature on your weekly program?

A lot of times, on a Monday, I would just browse. I would take three to four hours to just browse and I would tweet out to my audience about who we should feature on Feature Friday. I’d get suggestions from my audience, I would read comments about what should I do and I’ll just go through that and find people.

It’s grown to more than 1,000 subscribers and now you’re pushing for 5,000 plus or more.

I would love to have that 5,000 number. I think people like the fact that we’re promoting the nichey, small creators. The problem is it’s hard to promote the small guys when you yourself are a small guy.

How do you make that possible?

We’ve had a couple of bigger people come on and that kind of helps out a little bit. I think the first taste of the big creators was right after Stuart Edge’s “Mistletoe Prank” came out, but before it blew up. He only had a couple thousand subscribers. I reached out to him and I told him, “Dude, this video is brilliant!” He messaged me back and now Stuart and I are close friends. He helped me out and because his video blew up, mine got a chunk of views.

What lessons have you learned from the YouTubers you’ve interacted with in such a short time?

I’ve learned that we’re a community. We’ve got to watch out for each other. If someone’s making great content, we should share that with people and say: “This is awesome. Check them out!” There’s so many talented YouTubers that create good content and they just don’t have that audience and they deserve that audience because they bust their ass like everyone else and they work hard to create content and sometimes you have to give them an extra push.

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