Golden Corral Joins Gross-Out Fast Food Trend With Viral ‘Dumpster Meat’ Video

Perhaps I spent too many years cleaning up dead bodies, but this video is only minorly disturbing to me … I gotta say, if someone, say Epic Meal Time, cooked up them ribs just right, I’d eat the hell out of them.

Making the viral rounds lately is this video, shot at a Golden Corral in disgusting-ass Florida (Florida is full of my kind of peoplealso, completely not my kind of people). Normally I would say at a disgusting-ass Golden Corral in disgusting-ass Florida, but I’ve never been to a Golden Corral and the idea of all-I-can-eat barbecue entrances me. So for now, we’ll reserve judgment, even in the shade of this distressing footage of what appears to be a slack-jawed yokel being gainfully employed by a restaurant that handles food. What perturbs me most, is not that this meat gets stashed out by the dumpsters (the manager was fired after this vid was posted, btw), but that this half-formed hillbilly can’t even seem to form a cogent sentence. Yes, yes, boy, we get it. The meat is by the dumpster … all you can eat ribs … give us some further insight. Really, this “cheap eats” restaurant chain should be raked over the coals for hiring Forrest Gump’s less-travelled brother to dime them out.

Wanna know why the dumpster stuff doesn’t surprise me? What else would I expect from a company whose marketing slogan is to pitch me all-I-can-eat bbq and seafood “for around 10 bucks.” Frankly, I’m relieved that the big secret is this and not that what they are serving me is really weasel meat.

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