GoPro Camera on A Remote Control Helicopter Reveals Stunning Visuals of Los Angeles [VIDEO]

Thank god there are good people out there who use innovative technology for good — because I sure as hell wouldn’t.

Utilizing a GoPro strapped to a remote controlled quad-copter, YouTuber Clay Folden was able to gather some gorgeously 360º panoramic views of Los Angeles, Hollywood and the surrounding areas of Southern California. His stuff is all mostly harmless, majestic and set to a soaring groove (“Feels Like We Only Go Backwards” by Tame Impala). Sure he “peeps” a rooftop pool party, but even then, they retaliate by trying to knock his camera out of the sky with a beach ball, so fair is fair.

If I had access to this technology (and for a not unreasonable amount of money, I can) I would totally use it for anything but sweeping views of nature and commerce set to orchestral scores. I would be nefarious and evil. It’s like the movie “Hollow Man” — why use your power for good when you can use it for bad?

Imagine being able to creep over movie studio walls with this thing and get exclusive footage of movies being filmed (which you can sell to scheming magazines) or tabloid cheesecake of nude celebrities lounging by their pools. But it doesn’t stop there — soon I’d be using it to case out homes for robbing them, disrupting flight patterns of planes, stealing government secrets!

You motherfuckers better hope I don’t get ahold of some magic amulet or anything, because there is some bad shit going on in my soul.

On a lighter note, here is some more natural beauty:

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