Grandson’s Twitter Account ‘Thing On My Nan’ Goes Viral, Grandmother Is Not Amused

Move over, Grumpy Cat, there is a new sour-puss in town.

71-year-old grandmother Jean Nokes has became an internet superstar after her grandson Jamie created a Twitter account in her honor. The account, “Things On My Nan,” captures photos of Jamie’s nan balancing random household appliances on her head. In each picture, Jean appears in her same red dressing gown with the most unamused expression plastered across her face.

“I was bored one afternoon and sent a photo to my mate. He thought it was funny so I put it online,” Jamie Nokes told the Daily Mail. “Nan doesn’t mind, she just thinks it’s funny. She’s not right in the head. It runs in the family. I never thought it would get so big. Now the Twitter account has nearly 40,000 followers. All you can do is laugh.”

With so many Twitter fans, Jean has begun to be recognized in public as well. Though she is more than willing to be a part of her grandson’s Twitter account, her husband and daughter (Jamie’s mum and granddad) are less reluctant to be photographed in any sort of balancing positions. Known now as the balancing queen of Twitter, Grandma Jean joins the ranks of internet sensations Jack the dog and Vinnie the rabbit, both known for their own balancing photos that went viral.

The most recent Twitter picture captures Nan ringing in her 71st birthday by balancing a birthday card on her head while sporting a new pink dressing gown. So happy birthday, Nan Jean, and may your next year be filled will all the balancing acts as your heart desires.

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