Guy Arrested For Falling Bare-Assed Through Bus Stop After Vid Is Posted To YouTube [VIDEO]

Ahh, this video is beautiful proof that once something is out there on the web, it can always haunt you. Going viral now is this video of a bare-assed man in New Zealand falling through a bus stop.

While the video was posted over a year ago, it is pulling in the views now after someone has recognized the man, resulting in his arrest. On Thursday, Sean Martin, a 26-year-old Kiwi, was ordered to pay $500 plus the cost of repair for the drunken prank.

In the future, I believe all our detective work will be done with friends filming things and posting them to YouTube. Imagine how unanswered problems of the past, like the Nicole Brown Simpson murders, will be eradicated because someone will always be there, filming. And just imagine if we can get them all to film in landscape instead of portrait

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