Happening Right Now: Jay-Z Doing 6-Hour Rendition of ‘Picasso Baby’ At Art Gallery


If you happen to be in the vicinity of the Pace Gallery in New York, and you, say, want to hear the track “Picasso Baby” performed live by Jay-Z now is your lucky moment. Of course, even better for you, if you’re not near the Pace Gallery, you’ve got six hours to get there.

See Jay-Z, who is currently embarking on one of the odder promotional campaigns to move copies of his latest album, “Magna Carta Holy Grail,” is currently performing the track from his album consecutively. For six straight hours. He’s like my iPod set on repeat.

The performance art piece, which is set to be footage for the music video of “Picasso Baby,” while closed to the general public (so I guess I lied about your ability to go down there … unless you are Beyonce … I bet if you are Beyonce, you can just go down there … are you Beyonce?), is popping up in photo and video installments on Vine and Instagram. Celebrities in attendance include Wale, Adam Driver, Judd Apatow and conceptual artist Marina Abramovic who has a sort of Michael Jackson-looking dance-off (I’m only sort of kidding) with Jay-Z in one of the filmed scenes.

Other recent social media promotions include Samsung buying one million copies of his album in advance, a bizarre commercial during the NBA Finals (featuring a barefoot — and possibly homeless — Rick Rubin), a marathon session on Twitter where he laughingly answered fan questions and which included a mini-beef with Miley Cyrus (what what, haters!), as well as getting a copy of his album displayed next to the real Magna Carta. Either Hova’s a next-level marketing genius or, apparently, money can buy insanity.

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