Harlem Shake 2.0? ‘Don’t Drop That Thun Thun’ Becomes First Vine Hit Song [VIDEO]

Ahh memories … it seems like only yesterday NMR was questioning whether the “Harlem Shake” would be the next “Gangnam Style,” and now we’re wondering if “Don’t Drop That Thun Thun” is the next “Harlem Shake.”

Possibly signalling the arrival of Vine as an important platform in publicity and promotion, a six-second video of bikini-clad girls twerking to the chorus has sent the track spiralling up the Billboard charts.

Released in April of 2012, the song by hip hop group Finnaticz had done little in the way of sales until recently when a Vine group by the name of “Twerk Team,” independent of the artists or label, danced all freaknasty-like and made me think the devil’s thoughts. Now we’ve got a hit song on our hands; hopefully scores of copycats who look nearly as attractive start cranking on this fad and the rest of us can sit back and watch.

The real question is how does Vine capitalize off of this newfound asset? I say they start by, at least, sending the Twerk Team a basket of muffins.

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