‘Harlem Shake’ Isn’t Dead, It’s Just Been Co-opted By Grizzly Bears

It may be a dead trend, but when set to the right visuals, “Harlem Shake” videos can still be bearable. Now bear with me, although this video isn’t recorded in the highest quality (in fact, it looks like it has been taken from forest surveillance footage), the payoff is as sweet as honey.

In the event you’ve been hibernating all year and are a little fuzzy on the details of “Harlem Shake” videos, here is what you need to know — “Harlem Shake” is a popular trap anthem created by producer Baauer. In “Harlem Shake” videos, with the anthem playing, people record themselves dancing alone; then, when the “drop” comes in, the video cuts to a group of people going bananas and generally mauling the air around them.

Check out the video above and [insert bear pun] your face into [insert bear pun] all while enjoying an ice-cold [insert bear pun].


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