Hilarious Photo Of Family Finding Out They Are Having A 5th Boy Goes Viral On Reddit


Learning they would be adding yet another boy to their already testosterone-filled house, expectant parents Isaac and Brittany Frisbie decided to have a little fun announcing the sex of their baby.

Posted to Reddit with the caption “We’re gonna have another boy!!!”, the photo shows Brittany cradling her head while the five Frisbie boys bounce around in superhero costumes behind her. The Frisbie broad already includes 9-year-old Eli, 5-year-old twins Oliver and Emerson and 2-year-old Kallan.

“My wife has four brothers and I have two brothers. We thought it would be nice to have a girl somewhere in the mix so my wife could have someone to do girly things with and dress her up like a princess and do hair braids,” commented Isaac Frisbie to ABC News.

The photo quickly went viral on Reddit as people flocked in the thousands to commiserate with the Frisbie family about their own all-girl or all-boy broads. Some comments even went so far as to lament about the exorbitant cost of five weddings and five college tuitions.

While Isaac and Brittany are excited to meet their newest family member come Thanksgiving, they admit that their boys were originally pretty split, with two wanting another brother and two wanting a baby sister.

“I like to joke around a lot but I never expected any sort of original content on a website like Reddit to skyrocket,” stated Isaac. “We wanted a healthy child, which is what we have. That’s ultimately all we cared about. We just wanted to make sure it was healthy.”

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