‘Hollywood Boys Club’ Tumblr Exposes Male-Dominated TV and Movie Productions’ Exclusion of Female Creators


Tumblr’s newest feminist blog “Hollywood Boys Club” is turning the spotlight on Hollywood and demanding an answer to the question: Where are all the female writers and directors?

The Tumblr draws attention to the non-existent presence of women in the production of popular mainstream TV shows and movies. In the introduction, the blog’s creators wrote:

“Are you watching TV shows written or directed exclusively by men? Do you subscribe to cable channels that produce such shows? Do you buy tickets for movies produced by studios that didn’t hire a single female director during a production year? Please don’t. ?The task of organizing human happiness needs the active cooperation of man and woman. It cannot be relegated to one half of the world.”

The guiltiest culprits include shows such as “The Big Bang Theory,” “It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia” and “24,” which have never hired a female director in all their years of being on the air. In the most recent post, the Tumblr accused “Girls” creator Lena Dunham of perpetuating the Hollywood boy’s club by bringing male writers and directors to work on the show — not even the female directors and writers who have made it in Hollywood are safe from the anti-boys club wrath.

“Hollywood Boys Club” is not the first Tumblr to draw attention to the gender inequality in the workplace — earlier this year, the Tumblr “Boys Club” caught the public’s eye by exposing major companies that have men filling all executive positions.

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