Fine Bros Gets Kids’ Reactions To Cheerios Commercial With Mixed-Race Family [VIDEO]

Many people on social media have heard from the adults reacting to the Cheerios ad that featured a mixed-race family. The Fine Brothers now want to hear what kids think of the commercial.

In their latest installment of “Kids React…,” the brothers interviewed a dozen children ranging from ages 7 to 13 about their thoughts on the viral Cheerios commercial that has been controversial because of the unusually high amount of racist comments from social media. All the kids in the video are perplexed as to why anyone would make terrible comments about the seemingly normal family featured in the commercial.

Benny and Rafi Fine explained in the intro to their video that asking children for their reactions to controversial videos like the Cheerios one “can give incredibly valuable insight into where society really is and where we are headed as a people.”

They told NMR:

“As you watch, it is very interesting to see the kids enjoying what they perceive as a normal commercial about a normal family, only to find out and be angered and confused by the idea that people would be upset about it in anyway, let alone because the color of their skin.”

See the kids react to the viral Cheerios ad in the video above.

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