Jarek 1:20 Innovates the ‘Magic Phone Number Kissing Trick’ With Stuart Edge [INTERVIEW]


Jarek 1:20 has a way with people — particularly YouTube star Stuart Edge who Jarek teamed up with to go viral with and get a few kisses along the way. The video, called the “Magic Phone Number Kissing Trick” features a sly bar scam that, when used correctly, will get you a good-natured kiss (and more when paired with my Roofie-flavored lip balm [patent pending]). And if you’ve achieved a good-natured kiss from a member of the opposite sex, you’re already a third of the way into your journey to practice making babies with that person.

Of course, Jarek is no one-trick pony and so his YouTube channel, Disturb Reality, offers up the best of wrestling, magic and interacting with the opposite sex (or the same sex if you’re down for that). YouTube needed a renaissance man and Jarek 1:20 answered the call.

Sure he’s an up-and-comer — he’s not packing Stuart Edge numbers yet, but he’s progressing and making the right connections to achieve that designation. Like every great journey (such as the one to practice making babies), the journey to celebrity begins with who you know and who knows you. And once you read this, you’ll know a little bit more about Jarek 1:20.

How old were you when you had your first kiss?

Jarek 1:20: 15.

On a scale of 1-10, how good was it?

7. We were on a rooftop with a bunch of our friends who were running around with little to no clothes on .. it was a little distracting. But it was still a first kiss on a rooftop.

On a scale of 1-10, how good of a kisser are you?


How many hours would you guess you spent kissing?

Upwards of 4,000. I was in a relationship for four years at one point.

Where did you learn this handy trick?

I don’t quite remember the origin, but it’s a simple math trick that takes advantage of the way scientific calculators work and order of operations. The way I learned, originally, was to use it as a prediction for some outrageous random number. Then I saw popular UK magician Dynamo perform it to trick a model into giving him her phone number –– with the storyline of him being a perfect potential boyfriend. I presented the idea to Stuart to ask for a date with the people we perform it for, and he came up with the idea to make the questions relate to kissing and try to get a kiss by the end of the trick.

How did you meet Stuart in the first place?

I had several people send me Stuart’s viral Magic Kissing Card Trick video, I went to his Twitter, and to my surprise, he only had 1,000-some followers, so I tweeted to him, figuring there’s a great chance that he’ll see the tweet. He responded, and I sent him about six different ideas I had for videos. We talked through Twitter direct messages, and he happened to visit Los Angeles, where I live, for a few days. We met up and came up with the idea together, and spent three days filming it to get the shots we needed.

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