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 YouTube’s Kain Carter has more than a few controversial opinions about gender dynamics in the United States. “Like a girl — like we in an office right now — a girl walked up to you and said, ‘I like the way your dick look in them jeans,’ what are you going to do? Go to human resources and snitch? It’s not going to work,” Carter explains. The office Carter is referring to is multi-channel network Big Frame’s headquarters and the whole sexual harassment topic, well, that is Carter’s persona talking.

Breaking onto YouTube in 2009, Carter has been dropping his brand of knowledge on the digital masses for years racking up a fair share of lovers and haters the whole time. Take a recent upload by Carter titled “Woman Hater?” for example. In the video, Carter explains: “You think I’m some type of woman-hater. The complete opposite — I’m a woman-helper; I like to give women advice and give men different options on how to think.” For some people, it’s a bold stance to take, and the comments attached to the video reflect that.

One commenter writes: “I love the videos and shit but he’s a sexist wanker. Wants to use women as objects and reduces them to nothingness.”  A fan, Angelica, responds to the criticism saying “Women can’t deal with the real mentality that men have. Unless a man is in love, a woman is JUST a woman. So it’s no surprise that this is what he thinks of a woman.”

Carter seems to have a love/hate relationship with his audience, who, according to his subscriber count are over 600,000 strong. Hanging around Big Frame HQ, we caught up with Carter to talk about his specific blend of gender commentary that has YouTube in an uproar. Love him or hate him, it seems Kain Carter is here to stay.


Check out the full interview below or visit the last page for the partial video interview.

You’ve been on YouTube since 2009 right?

Kain Carter: Yep, 2009.

Why did you first start?

Just boredom. Purely out of boredom. I was sitting in my kitchen, and I learned how to work the webcam on my laptop and no idea what I wanted to make my first video about, so it was like my day at work or something like that and it turned into relationships and talking about women and stuff like that. It turned into what it is now, so that’s mainly what my channel is focused on now, just women and relationships and stuff like that.

Your first upload was about your day at work. And how was that received? Did anyone care? How many views did you get?

I think back then I was averaging maybe a couple hundred views, and back then that was a lot! That was a lot to me. That was like a hundred people care what I got to say, and I would read the comments and people thought I was funny and stuff like that, but even now I really don’t even consider myself like a comedian; I just think I have a real comedic way of storytelling you know? It’s just naturally how it is. Once I saw that video was going good then you know it was fun to me. I just wanted to do more, and now I’m talking to you.

Was that the point you were kind of hooked — we talk to a lot of people and they have a point where they were hooked where something happened in their career and they wanted to keep doing it steadily.

I think it was just because I really didn’t have no hobbies or anything like that. All I did was work, so YouTube was like that outlet for just my creative side of me, you know what I mean? So once I started to do it, it started to become something to look forward to, so it definitely opened that creative part of me; so I just stuck with it because of the creativity that it brought to the table.

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