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What did you used to do before this?

Oh my god, everything. You name it, I probably– Pizza Hut was like my first real job, so it was Pizza Hut, it was working at nursing homes, I was driving disabled people around, I worked at Burger King for a day and quit — and just like, fuck Burger King — so I just did everything. All types of odd jobs, so yeah, pretty much all over the place.

What happened at Burger King that you only lasted one day?

You put the burger through the machine and then the flames and shit start coming out the top and I was like it is probably not going to work so after that I left. I finished the rest of the day and just like, no more Burger King.

Were you stressed out about the flames coming out of the top?

‘Cause I was just like, why am I at Burger King? [laughs] Why am I here? You know, you look around, I’m like, I’m not staying at Burger King, so I went back to Pizza Hut. Like that was any better, but yeah, one day at Burger King and I was finished.

You begged for Pizza Hut to take you back.

Well since it was my first, I was the shit, I was good employee, you know, so I was the one who could handle making pizzas by myself on a Friday and Saturday night, so they kind of just like, “Come on back,” and it was not a problem going back to Pizza Hut.


The name of your channel is “Hot Damn I Rock.” Of all the channels I’ve ever heard, that has to be the least humble channel name. What’s going on with “Hot Damn I Rock”?

Back in the Myspace days and the whole “I rock” was the thing. I’m sorry, not “I rock,” it was just “I something,” so it was Myspace pages called “I dance,” “I something” and my Myspace name was “I rock.” And then once I started making YouTube videos or once I thought about making them, I knew I needed a name for my channel, and I don’t even know where “hot damn” came from, so I just put “hot damn I rock” together and it’s been sticking ever since.

What do you think about the phrase “I rock” or “I’m a rockstar”? Do you think that is still a hip phrase to use in 2013? Does anyone use that anymore?

Probably not. I’m just lucky it’s working for me, you know what I mean? So I just hope it continues to open those doors for me but I never considered it cool.

There are a really cool series of videos where you do two uploads of how to become a YouTube celebrity. And your first point is: Who the fuck are you? And what the fuck do you do? That’s your first point on what YouTubers have to decide first, so I’m going to flip it and ask you: Who the fuck are you? And what the fuck do you do with your channel?

I am Kain Carter, and I talk about relationships, and I just feel like as men we’re dealing with females there is a lot of stuff that we want to say but we can’t say because we’re afraid of losing whatever it is that we want from a female, you know what I’m saying? I just consider myself the “everything that a guy really wants to say,” just unfiltered, and I think that is why so many people connect with me on that type of level because a lot of times I met people and they’re like, “Yo, everything you say, that’s exactly what i’m thinking,” but they can’t say it for whatever reason — whatever reason they feel like they can’t say it I just don’t have a filter no more. I just don’t care sometimes.

What is the one thing you think guys would want to say the most about their relationships or about women in general that they can’t say but you’re able to say?

I think the number one thing that guys really want to do is ask, why? Because a lot of females I feel like they say certain things but then they have like a feeling or they have a thought or an emotion and then you ask them, “Why you feel this way?” or “Why do you think?” They can never back it up and answer like, “Because I’m your girlfriend,” so what does that mean? If you weren’t my girlfriend, some other b*tch would be my girlfriend — so what? Because “I’m your girlfriend,” what does that mean to me? And guys are afraid to challenge girls that way because they feel like they gonna lose them, or you know, they want to have sex and they didn’t have sex yet and they feel like if you challenge them too early, then you lose that, you know what I mean? I think “Why?” is a question we really want to ask a lot of females but you just don’t.

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