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Those questions that guys are afraid to ask, do you think they should be afraid to ask, or do you think they just build those up in their head?

Built it up in their head. I think that you should be, you should be — because girls don’t have a filter, you know what I’m saying? Like a girl — like we in an office right now — a girl walked up to you and said, “I like the way your dick look in them jeans,” what are you going to do? Go to human resources and snitch? It’s not going to work. Girls don’t have to have a filter but if you go up to her and say, “Your titties look nice today,” they’d be all over that, sexual harassment, you know what I’m saying? So girls don’t have to have a filter but we do because that’s just the way it is, you know what I mean? My whole thing is why can’t I say what I really want to say to you? Like dealing with my relationships and stuff like that, that’s where I get a lot of my ideas and things that I talk about. That’s where it comes from because the things I’ve been through or things I know other people have been through I can always connect with that way.

Do you think that kind of situation is fair? That a girl can kind of come up to any of us and say whatever she wants, and mainly as guys we’re going to not be offended or threatened by it?

No not at all. That’s not fair at all, you know what I’m saying? Just because they don’t really have to have a reason behind what they do. When I say, “they,” I mean girls. They don’t really have to have a reason just because, you know what I mean? But anytime that we do something we always got to justify why we– I feel like that’s why guys are so good at explaining their bullshit because we always put in the position where we have to explain ourselves or we always on defense like when you first meet a girl she tells you, “I’ve only been with two guys,” and you say, “Well I’ve only been with three girls,” she doesn’t believe you because you’re a guy, that don’t sound right. But I’m supposed to believe you right off the bat just because you a girl, and you know, I got to trust that you don’t lie, but we always in that position where we got to constantly defend ourselves. We start off on a bad foot, so I just feel like it’s not fair and everything that I feel, everything I say is the same way every guy feels; every guy feels the same way that I feel when I talk about certain situations and certain subjects and stuff like that so it’s not fair [laughs]. It’s not fair at all.

Has there been a time when your lack of filter has gotten you in trouble? Have you ever gone up to a girl and said whatever and that’s gotten you in trouble?

Yeah but like I consider myself an asshole when it comes to dealing with girls, but I like to call myself a well-calculated asshole. I could never be an asshole to you and not be able to explain my asshole-ness, if that makes any sense? I can tell you why I’m being a dick right now, but I think guys like me get a bad rep because if a guy tells his girl — instead of saying, “Be quiet,” I say, “Shut the fuck up,” you know what I’m saying? I can explain why I’m telling you to shut the fuck up instead of be quiet. Most guys that say something like that to their girl are just saying it ‘cause they want to say it. Everything that I do, everything that I say has a reason, and I feel like if I can explain it — if I make you see my point of view then you’ll be more receptive to what I’m saying. You’ll understand it more, you know what I mean. If I’m an asshole or people feel like I’m an asshole, I’m an asshole with a reason, and I can always explain myself, you know what I mean, so I’m not just saying frivolous shit.

What’s the biggest argument that you’ve maybe not been able to talk your way out of?

I can pretty much talk my way out of anything. I’m pretty scientific with this stuff sometimes, so I think the biggest debate when it comes to my videos always be centered around sex. Sex in general, like how long should a girl wait before she has sex with a guy or how long should a guy stick around before he says, “You know what, you ain’t doing nothing. I don’t want to be here no more.” So I think the situation with sex is always a big question or the big debate when it comes to my stuff.


Absolutely. So I’ve watched a lot of your videos recently, and I feel like every single one is filmed in a bathroom.

Yeah I get the bathroom question a lot.

What is going on with that bathroom?

Look, the bathroom has good light. That is the only reason I shoot in the bathroom. Only reason I shoot in the bathroom, I don’t even know how I made that transition to the bathroom after I got of my webcam, ‘cause I was in the kitchen at first and once I got my new camera — how I ended up in the bathroom, that was where I was so it just kind of stuck. It kind of helped me out because people say, “Yeah you see, you ever heard of ‘Hot Damn I Rock’? It’s the guy who makes those videos in the bathroom.” So it kind of goes hand in hand now so people expect to see me in the bathroom when I make videos. So it just had good light; that’s the only reason I got in there.

So you’re from Baltimore, but in recent videos you tease the idea of moving to California. Have you pulled the trigger on that yet?

Not yet. I really want to be out here for the simple fact that I want to get into acting so I feel like Cali would be a move. I would definitely have to make some time in the near future, you know what I’m saying? The only thing that is really stopping me right now is I just want to make sure it is a logical decision before I come out here, because dreaming is one thing but I want to have a game plan when I come out here, so I just need to formulate a game plan before I actually make the move, so that is the only thing holding me back right now.

But it seems like the really beautiful thing about being a YouTuber, someone who is making a certain amount of revenue on YouTube, is that you can do it wherever. You can be in Antarctica uploading YouTube videos. Do you feel like that gives you a little bit of freedom in terms of where you live?

Definitely, definitely. I can do what I do whatever, you know what I mean? YouTube has definitely been a big part of my life in that aspect because like I always tell people: if I wasn’t making videos, I really don’t know what I’d be doing right now. Probably still working at Pizza Hut [laughs] and quitting another job.

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