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 You’re a pretty new partner with Big Frame. Have you seen how a network has helped you? Has signing to a network really helped you as a creator?

When I was first signed — I was signed with Maker before I got with Big Frame — and really didn’t have anything bad to say about Maker. When I got into the whole YouTube game and I heard about being a partner, and then once you’re a partner then you join a network, I was doing what you thought you were supposed to do next, those A,B,C,D steps. When I was with Maker — like I said, I don’t have nothing bad to say about them — but they told me that the resources were there if I needed them, but I’d do everything myself, so I never really had that relationship with Maker, so I just thought you joined a network for the sake of saying that you were with a network. Then Big Frame approached me and they really believed in what I was doing and wanted to– they asked me what my end goal was in mind, and they just been doing everything they can to try and get me to that step, and what I like about Big Frame is it’s real family-oriented, and Ashley — she’s like my manager or whatever you want to call it — I talk to her at least two to three times a week and it’s not even always on business, it is just “Hey, you good? You need anything? Everything good?” Stuff like that, so it’s just real family-oriented here and it really feels like home. I feel like if you join a network, you need to think about what can they do for you, you know? You got to think about your end goal and what they can do to help you get to where you want to be, you know what I mean? I definitely feel like Big Frame is a good fit for me.

 Yeah absolutely that’s been a big complaint about Maker is they take care of their enormous stars, there millions of views, million of dollar stars. But anyone who doesn’t really have that, they’re kind of just like good luck, they kind of just let you do your own thing. That is interesting to hear. Would you ever do stand-up?

No, ‘cause I really don’t consider myself a comedian, you know what I mean? If anything I’ll host a comedy show, host an event or stuff like that, but as far as comedy, I’m not ready to step into that arena yet. You got to be for real funny to do comedy, all the time, so I just like I said, I just got a funny way of telling stories you know what I mean? So not doing stand up.

 You’ve been on YouTube since 2009, so you’ve been on for four years, and there has been a ton of changes within YouTube since then. How have those changes affected you as a YouTube creator?

 I just keep doing the same thing that I’ve always been doing, you know? It’s been working for me and it got me this far, so you know, I’ll make changes accordingly if I know that they can continue to move me higher and higher up the ranking, but for the most part I feel like the changes have been more of a hassle just having to learn a new system. You’re used to the layout being this way, and you log onto YouTube and something completely different; now you got to learn a new setup, but that’s it. I don’t feel like the changes have hindered me in any type of way, but it’s just annoying sometimes. You’re used to one thing and then you got to learn something brand new, but as far as me growing as a channel, I don’t feel like those changes have affected me at all.

 Do you think there is a time where you’re going to grow away from YouTube or you’re going to be done with YouTube? What are you planning to do down the road? 10 years and 20 years from now?

 10 years from now I just really want to get into acting. That’s always been what I really wanted to do. I always told people comedy happened by mistake but somewhere down the line I do want to get into acting. YouTube I don’t know if I would be completely done with it, you know what I mean? I can see myself slowing up because other things are starting to pick up, but I don’t see myself ever leaving it alone completely.

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