KevJumba Builds A School in Africa With His YouTube Money [VIDEO]


Kev Jumba is doing a world of good. That is to say, he’s doing good all over the world. His latest stop? Nairobi, in Africa, where students recently challenged him to come teach their class. As he tells it, via a blog entry he made on the Huffington Post entitled, “How I Built A School in Africa With YouTube Views”:

One morning during the summer of 2011, I woke up to a flood of messages on Twitter that read “Go Kev go! Go to Kenya!” I was confused, but once I opened up my email I discovered what all the excitement was about. A New York based non-profit organization called The Supply had uploaded a video onto YouTube in which students from the slums of Nairobi, Kenya challenged me to come out to Nairobi to teach their class. This 2-minute video was incredibly moving. The students in Nairobi had been learning English by watching my YouTube videos. Incredible. I accepted the challenge and two months later I was on a plane to Kenya to teach a class of 5th graders in Nairobi.

Having started a YouTube charity back in 2009 called JumbaFund, which donates 100% of its ad revenue to various philanthropic organizations, Kev Jumba is no stranger to helping people who are less fortunate. And after his trip to Nairobi, he realized that he had to do more than teach the kids. He had to help them learn properly. Jumba writes, “Through JumbaFund and a fundraising campaign, my viewers have raised over $50,000 for (charitable organization) The Supply, which has been used to construct and now operate the first secondary school in the community of Lenana, Kenya, the area that is home to the students I visited on my first trip to Nairobi.” Appropriately, the school is called “KevJumba High School.”

Good work, KevJumba. Not only is it awesome to see YouTubers giving back, but its cool that they are making a difference in lives on the other side of the planet. YouTube is a truly global phenomenon.