Lil Bub Is First Up in Pet Collective’s New Series About Animals Who Became Memes [VIDEO]

Today, The Pet Collective premiered their newest project, “Memed,” a brand new web series that sets out to answer the big question: How do internet memes get started?

Each episode of “Memed” tells the life story of a particular animal meme. The series just-released first episode shares the life story of Lil Bub, the adorable 2-year-old dwarf cat whose short lower jaw and bug eyes have captured hearts across the internet. Upcoming episodes will feature other internet animal legends such as Colonel Meow, Henri le Chat Noir and Denver the Guilty Dog.


The Pet Collective have also just announced that they will be launching their own website as a part of the Blip Networks. The website will house both The Pet Collective’s original web series as well as viral animal videos that have found success online. Alongside their new series “Memed,” The Pet Collective have also created the original series “Tails for Hope” (which chronicle the lives of pets looking for homes), “Puppy Love” and “Petodies” (a series of pet parody music videos).

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