Long Live Awesomeness: Sourcefed Reaches 1 Million Subscriber Mark

Congrats are due to Phil DeFranco and friends …

The little-hilarious-engine-that-could, Sourcefed, just crossed the 1 million subscriber threshold like a boss. Joining such luminaries in the 1 million+ subscriber club as Smosh, Jenna Marbles and Sxephil himself, Sourcefed has proven itself to have the staying power that many of its contemporaries lacked.

Started by Phil Defranco as one of many new channels during YouTube’s “$100 Million Initiative,” Sourcefed is one of the few that still exists and the only one to have reached a million subscribers. And considering NMR has hung out with Sourcefed, we are confident in saying that these guys (and gals) totally kick ass, totally deserve it and if we could marry a fellow social media site (since Anthony Padilla and his great hair are apparently taken), it would totally be the comedy news and commentary powerhouse that is Sourcefed.

Good work Joe, Trisha, Meg, Steve, Elliott and Lee! Now keep kicking ass.

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