Machinima And Paramount Team Up On High-Octane Car Jacking Web Series ‘Chop Shop’


Paramount Insurge — an independent distributor of “micro budget” films under the Paramount Pictures umbrella — and Machinima have teamed up to releases a new web series “Chop Shop.” The series, created by Josh Baizer and Marshall Johnson of “Mortal Kombat: Legacy,” will explore the shady world of black market car theft in that special Machinima-driven, action-fueled sort of way.

According to Machinima:

“It [‘Chop Shop’] follows the story of two professional car thieves who find their close friendship tested, and their loyalties pushed to the limit when one ultimately betrays the other.”

The series will be distributed exclusively through Machinima’s various platforms including mobile, on YouTube and streaming via Xbox 360.

Aaron Debevoise, EVP of Network Programming for Machinima spoke about the upcoming Paramount Insurge series: “Insurge has outdone itself with ‘Chop Shop.’ Machinima has some really creative plans for introducing this series to our audience, prepare to be blown away.”

“Chop Shop” is being produced by Bandito Brothers, the media company responsible for the film “Act of Valor,” which you’ll probably watch at least once this 4th of July.

Expect “Chop Shop” to launch in the first half of 2014. There will probably be at least 15 new “Fast and Furious” films out by then, so a new underground car series may be a breath of fresh air.


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