Made by The Devil? The 5 Most Godless Videos of Sinister ‘Useless Machines’ [VIDEO]

2. “Digital”

I actually feel bad for the box in this vid. The inventor turns it into a sort of personal “battle” full of cool stop-motion trickery, but the video culminates with him breaking the machine so it can’t turn itself off. I know it’s pointless/silly to feel bad for a machine, but this one kind of breaks your heart. Also, the bastard gave it a face … how can you not imbue it with an emotional resonance if it has a face?

1. “Dueling Useless Machines”

Taking innovation one step further, this inventor decided, “Fuck it, why should I have to do all the work of turning this machine on when I can invent a device that both turns the machine on and off?” This is my kind of inventor. A sort of perpetual motion device (until the battery dies or the machine senses its own futility and destroys its creator), this useless machine sort of signals an onslaught of the next generation of useless machines. I speculate that the new useless machines will all be whiny, entitled and completely narcissistic. Then someone will create a magazine devoted to covering them.