Maker Studios Offers Up Sneak Peek At Super Secret Animated Project ‘Broken Quest’ [VIDEO]

The new less snarky* me LOVES super secret projects. Especially animated ones that look like they can fall right in line with most every warrior tale ever conceived. Only there’s some sly humor that could be a real game changer. Offered up from Maker Studios and involving a bevy of interesting voice talents including Husky Starcraft, “Broken Quest” is the new series launching July 25 that is surrounded by intrigue and mystery and the search for a missing damsel.

It could be good … but it could also be AMAZING. They’re a talented crew over at Maker so I’m giving them the benefit of the doubt. Don’t let me down, Maker, I need this to get me through until “Game of Thrones” comes back.

*New less snarky me also available in lemon-lime. Not available in Tennessee or Canada.

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