Man’s Arrest For Posting Dubai Road Rage Beating Video Shows No Good Deed Goes Unpunished

YouTube and smartphones have made it easier to film and share crimes in progress. However, in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, filming a crime in progress and sharing it may result in your arrest.

According to Al-Jazeera English, Dubai police arrested a man this week for sharing a video on YouTube that reportedly shows a man wearing a thawb — a traditional outfit for men in the Gulf Arab countries — assaulting a South Asian driver with his black headband.

Dubai Police confirmed the arrest on its Twitter page with this short, terse statement: “Dubai Police arrested the man who shot the video of the bus driver incident.”

After many  questions about why the man was arrested and what the laws in Dubai state about filming a crime, the police feed responded: “You can tape it and deliver it to the police. You shall not share it over social networks … If a crime was video recorded, the recorded material has to go privately to the police and not shared over Internet.”

The YouTube road rage video went viral when it was posted July 15, but the police became involved when the son of the man attacking the South Asian driver said the video hurt his father’s reputation. The video has since been removed only for it to reappear again on other YouTube channels.

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