‘Mario Warfare’ Director On What’s Next For The Series & Video Game Cage Matches [INTERVIEW]


Maybe you’ve never heard of YouTube channel Beat Down Boogie, but I can guarantee you’ve seen at least one of their videos. Back in December, the filmmakers behind the channel released the highly-anticipated, extremely successful live-action short “Mario Warfare.” Blending video game legend Mario, gunfights and overall badassery may seem like a bizarre combo, but as the 3 million-plus views attached to “Mario Warfare” have shown, it’s a recipe that has fans hungry for more.

And more is what Beat Down Boogie delivered; the creative team released “Mario Warfare – Part 2” the same month and have been gearing up for part 3 ever since. Thanks to a successful Kickstarter campaign, the Beat Down Boogie team just released the third chapter in their Mario saga featuring none other than Donkey Kong in the flesh, or fur, or whatever he has.

NMR spoke with Micah Moore, director of “Mario Warfare – Part 3” just as the video was released and discovered the secret to making gamers happy and the truth behind the deadliest video game cage match ever.

Where did the idea for “Mario Warfare” first come from (aside from actual Mario, of course)?

Micah Moore: It really started with the costumes. I just wanted to mash up classic and modern games for fun. We thought, “That looks cool, so let’s make a little short film with the costumes.” As things tend to do, it spiraled into something much more ambitious. I feel we bit off more than we could chew, but we’re a very dedicated crew, so we just kept gnawing at it, whittling it into something special.

Were you nervous at all that the gaming community — a very opinionated bunch — would dislike the Mario reboot?

Not really, because Mario – even though he might be the biggest gaming icon that exists — he’s kind of a blank slate compared to other characters out there. There’s not a ton of details about his personal life. A character like Solid Snake or Nathan Drake … if you drift too far from the source material, you lose the character. But I feel there’s a little more room to try something different with Mario. The other thing is, we’re fans — we have deep roots as gamers. So our videos aren’t a ploy to pander to anyone. We’re making these videos from inside the fan community. So I think even if someone doesn’t like the direction or style of a video, they can at least tell we’re sincere.

You’ve done dozens of Snake and Ghost videos. Who wins in a fight: Solid Snake or Ghost?

Ghost is quite capable in a gun fight, but in hand-to-hand combat, there’s no way he can compete with Snake’s CQC.