McDonald’s Training Video Pops Up On YouTube, Ruins Michael Jackson’s ‘Beat It’ [VIDEO]

I wonder what time capsule this fantastic piece of corporate shit got flushed out of …

Appearing on YouTube recently, like a fossil from a better era, this McDonald’s training video set to a bastardization of Michael Jackson’s “Beat It” makes me nostalgic for the go-go 80’s — back when “the King of Pop” was still alive (Orville Redenbacher is the true “King of Pop”) and there wasn’t all that awkward “kiddie-poacher” business marring his image.

But back then, McDonald’s wanted to be hip, and whenever the fuck this uproariously atrocious video was forged, M.J. and “Beat It” were the hottest things going. Of course, considering how stupid corporate executives who make these training videos seem to be, this thing could be from 2013.

“Hip” or not though, I can spot a number of what I would consider to be “unsafe” and “unsanitary” actions in this video — from running with brooms to standing in dirty shoes on the sinks. Of course, based on the snazzy decor in this particular McDonald’s (and the outfits of the staff), I gotta believe the statute of limitations ran out on these violations back before health code violations were a thing. They still had “he Black Plague in the 1980’s, right?

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