Middle Eastern Kid Standing On Sideways SUV Makes Big Waves on Facebook [PHOTO]


The Middle East and Russia are having a crazy game of one-upsmanship in social media, and right now, the Middle East seems to be ahead by a couple wheels.

Going viral on Facebook right now is this photo of an unidentified Middle Eastern youth (the SUVs have Qatari license plates) standing atop an SUV, throwing a “Victory” sign as the Toyota Land Cruiser goes rolling down the highway on its side wheels. Dangerous? Check. Irresponsible? Check. Totally badass? Check. Apparently such stunts are popular with Middle Eastern youth, and as we are reporting about the photo going viral and not the spectacular bloody wreck it caused, methinks they pulled it off. Sonofab*tch, good work crew. Russia, it’s your move and the clock is ticking.

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