A Year After ‘Gangnam Style’: The Top 10 Most-Viewed K-Pop Videos On YouTube

“Gangnam Style” introduced the world to K-pop in a way that is still being felt to this day. While K-pop can be defined in a broad sense as popular South Korean music, the rise of Psy introduced the globe to the electronic pop anthems more specifically associated with the genre.

On YouTube, South Korean pop stars are blowing up and receiving hundreds of millions of views to the point that Time Magazine crowned K-pop as “South Korea’s Greatest Export.”

Psy isn’t the only Korean hit-maker dominating the most viewed charts on YouTube; stars like G-Dragon and Hyuna also have become global sensations in their own right. For a taste of what else the world is listening to right now on YouTube, check out the top 10 most-viewed K-pop hits that have been uploaded after “Gangnam Style.”

10. Kara – “Pandora”

9. Girls’ Generation – “Flower Power”

8. Beast – “Beautiful Night”

7. Girls’ Generation – “Oh!”

6. G-Dragon – “That XX”