MTV To Reveal VMA’s Through Previews on Vine & Instagram

I’m not sure whether the story is that MTV is using Vine and Instagram to preview their upcoming Video Music Awards or that it took a “cutting-edge” media company so long to embrace the new media.

The MTV VMAs, which will broadcast from the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, N.Y., on August 25th, are dropping some love to two of the social media platforms that are most popular with the tween demographics in the form of a campaign they are calling #RoadtotheVMAs.


The campaign, which will begin dropping the names of nominees via the sites starting Wednesday, has enlisted the skills of “new world” stop-motion animator Khoa Phan to produce animated bits meant to spearhead the releases. Phan will produce eight short animation bits for the VMAs, the first of which debuts on the two platforms starting at 8 a.m. EST.

Coming on the heels of strongly positive new media buzz in regards to MTV’s previous use of Instagram to reveal clues for the new location of the awards show itself (having formerly been located in Los Angeles at the Staples Center), the inclusion of Vine as a medium to dispense nominations along with Instagram shows a bold endorsement of belief in the relatively new short-video media format.


The use of Vine and Instagram to ramp up hype for the awards show come with a few other enhancements to the program, including the change of venue and a redesigned “moonman” as the award statuette.

They can do whatever changes they like, but it still won’t hide the fact that they punished the world with “Jersey Shore.”