Musician Bryce Vine’s Exclusive Performance Of His First Original Single, The Perfect Summer Jam ‘Take Me Home’ [INTERVIEW]


YouTube musician Bryce Vine is stepping up his musical career in a big way this summer with the recent release of his first-ever original music video “Take Me Home.” A blend of pop and rap, Bryce’s song is the perfect ode to summer and a mixture of everything he loves: friends, beautiful women, great art and partying his ass off.

When he was 13 years old, Bryce convinced his mom to buy him a guitar, and from there, he began developing his 90s R&B sound. After graduating high school, he received a scholarship to the Berklee School of Music where he met his producer, Nolan Lambroza, whom he calls his “music soul mate.”

Sitting in the recording studio with NMR, Bryce performed an exclusive acoustic version of “Take Me Home” and later talked about the women who inspired his original song and his upcoming four-track EP coming out at the end of summer.


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