Norwegian Groomsmen Trick Groom With Blindfolded Bungee Jump in Awesome Bachelor Party Prank [VIDEO]

Ahh, those goddamn wacky Norwegians

In a brand new YouTube video that is primed to go mega viral (in Norway, at least) these groomsmen trick their best buddy, the groom (who is terrified of heights), into taking a blindfolded bungee jump off an old wooden bridge.

Of course, for maximum effect, instead of an old wooden bridge over a river, use a saw horse and a kiddie pool. The groom, petrified, has to be coaxed several times before he makes his leap, but when he does, it’s a damn good laugh for everyone.

Hell, I’m planning a couple of bachelor parties soon — looks like I just found a perfect new way to celebrate. Of course, instead of a kiddie pool there’ll be a pile of hookers. Dead ones though — they’re softer to land on … once rigor mortis abates, of course.

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