Prankster Roman Atwood Uses Ice Cream Truck to Offer Vegetables To Fat Kids [VIDEO]

The best thing about this prank by Roman Atwood is that most of the people he interacts with get “the message.” That they mostly choose not to listen is their own issue.

The premise is simple: Atwood rolls around in an ice cream truck and when people stop him for a “Choco-Taco” (all hail Choco-Taco!) he instead tells them that all he has are vegetables and fruit. A nice hunk of broccoli on a stick, if you will.

And the people, mostly, get sheepish and admit that they don’t want to eat healthy, they want ice cream. Unfortunately, at the end, Atwood winds up giving the people the unhealthy-ass ice cream anyway — for free even. I can’t help but feel the message would have hit home a little harder for each of them had he stuck to his guns. “You get a free apple or you get nothing.” I wonder how many people then would have gone for it? Because from the looks of it, many of those people (especially the kids) need that apple instead.

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