Prominent Black Actors Recite Trayvon Martin Tribute Poem ‘Little Black Boy Wonder’ [VIDEO]

In the past couple of weeks, thousands of people nationwide have protested against the acquittal of Florida neighborhood watch volunteer George Zimmerman in the killing of unarmed teenager Trayvon Martin. The protests against the Zimmerman verdict have also reached social media, where celebrities and ordinary people alike shared their outrage at what they call an unfair justice system.

A new video features 18 prominent black actors reciting a poem in tribute to the 17-year-old victim called “Little Black Boy Wonder.”

The poem, written by actor Omari Hardwick on the night of the Zimmerman verdict, laments the loss of young black men like Trayvon. In the video, the 18 actors, including Marlon Wayans and Harwick himself, take turns reciting stanzas from “Little Black Boy Wonder.”

See the actors’ tribute to Trayvon in the video above.

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