Psy Hits 3 Billion Views on YouTube — Let’s Celebrate With 5 Amazing ‘Gangnam Style’ Moments

Remember Psy? The South Korean pop phenomenon who quite literally broke the internet with the infectiously catchy “Gangnam Style?” Of course you do; if “Gangnam Style” was John Lennon, it probably would have claimed to be more popular than Jesus, which may be true at this point.

Psy just hit a another YouTube milestone this week, one only achieved by four of his other pop contemporaries. According to Billboard, the “Gangnam Style” singer’s channel has hit 3 billion views after a surge of traffic this week that resulted in over 69 million views.

Most of those views, as you may assume, came from “Gangnam Style,” which at over 1.7 billion views is rapidly climbing towards an incredible 2 billion views. Sharing the 3 billion channel view benchmark with Psy are performers like — you guessed it — Justin Bieber and Rihanna.

We’ll take some time to honor Psy as only humble internet writers can — with gifs and embedded videos. Here are a few of our favorite Psy-related things that came out of the “Gangnam Style” movement.


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