Rebecca Black ‘Copycat,’ Viral ‘Mass Text’ Song Likely A Hoax [VIDEO]

Before you go burning your iPods or cancelling your Spotify subscriptions over the state of pop music today, I’ve got some good news for you: the viral song “Mass Text” is most likely a hoax. Well, not a hoax exactly, but more of a gimmick.

Reports are beginning to surface on the woefully banal song that has lit up YouTube recently, and it isn’t necessarily good news for the “singer” Tay Allyn. Or maybe it is good news for her, considering that she’s essentially laughing with us instead of being laughed at by us. It looks like the video for the song, which some are lauding as “the next ‘Friday,’” is actually a retread of a post Ms. Allyn submitted to “Funny or Die” two years ago, i.e. she has slicked up a version of a joke she made a while back, only now it seems to be working.

Allyn also “boasts” that “Mass Text” is like Kesha without the sex (and drinking her own pee, hopefully) and Lady Gaga without the avant garde (I think she’s putting too high brow a term on a woman who wore a dress made out of steak). While it is a fun, cheeky little bit of fluff likely meant to burn on pop culture, it has now become a sort of piece of pop culture, irony intended or not.

The only real question left is how deep does the meta rabbit hole go? Allyn looks like she could be a 40-year-old playing a teenager in a soulless bit of bubblegum music, and as she went to the USC School of Arts (according to an IMDB bio of a girl that appears to be her), she certainly would like to be a performer. So is this video going viral because it people don’t get the joke, or is it going viral because they get all too well what the joke is supposed to be but are laughing at something else instead?

Either way, the song and video are tragically bad, but not so bad that they will last. So I guess that makes the whole, let’s say, “experiment” kind of a success, but also kind of a failure.

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