Rebecca Black Takes On Miley Cyrus’ ‘We Can’t Stop’ – And Crushes It [VIDEO]

Rebecca Black has come a long way since being that awkward 11-year-old who busted out with what is widely considered to be “the worst song ever.” In her ode to the second best day of the week, “Friday,” she was a kid, singing a kid song and thinking she was “too cool” for doing it. Now, at 16, she is a young woman who has learned some humility and some boundaries. And it totally works for her.

Not overproduced or slick or trying to be something it isn’t, Black’s duet with YouTuber Jon D is a folksy take on a pop fluff anthem that breathes some sense of meaning into the song. Covering “We Can’t Stop,” originally by Miley Cyrus, has now become “a thing” and there are many, many other covers of it out there. But hearing it like this, one gets the impression that this is how the song ought to be, and Black who has matured into a charismatic and attractive girl, is the one who ought to be singing it.

She can still poke fun at herself, as Black announces at the end of the video that she releases new videos every Friday, but maybe that is part of some older chapter in a book still being written. Maybe Rebecca Black is not destined to be a footnote in pop culture after all — she might just have what it takes to be exactly what that little girl who sang “Friday” thought she was — a star.

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