Redbull and Milk Challenge Becomes The Latest Vomit-Inducing YouTube Trend

Remember the cinnamon challenge? Of course you do; you’re probably still recovering from the time you tried it. Like Draw My Life and the Harlem Shake, the cinnamon challenge swept across YouTube prompting creators big and small to try the challenge for themselves because: “Dude, swallowing a spoonful of cinnamon? That doesn’t even seem that hard.”

We were so naive back then.

Rocketing out of YouTube like a milk-soaked vomit generator comes the next “challenge” video that will surely ruin the day of countless creators — the Redbull and milk challenge. Popularized in part by YouTuber L.A. Beast, the challenge works like this:

1. Take half a gallon of milk and a several cans of Redbull.

2. Mix them together. This will cause the milk to instantly curdle.

3. Chug, chug, chug.

4. Vomit.

Sounds awesome, right? The challenge has gained steam today as a trending topic on Twitter under the hashtag #MilkandRedbullChallenge. Joining the “put things in our mouths and throw up” bandwagon are popular YouTube prank team The Janoskians who uploaded their version of the challenge two days ago.

Hopefully, this new style of trend video won’t cause easily influenced young men and women to try it out for themselves —




Get ready YouTube, things are about to get real gross.


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