Reddit Ban on Racist Subreddit Doesn’t Stop Group From Resurfacing


Last month, Reddit banned one of the most offensive subreddits to have ever existed on the social news site. The Atlantic reported that /r/niggers is a haven for users who hate black people and post offensive photos and comments. Before Reddit banned the subreddit, it had 6,000 users and was one of the fastest growing subreddits this year.

While Reddit wants their site to be a place where anything goes, General Manager Erik Martin told the Atlantic that they are unwilling to let these offensive subreddits from tarnishing their reputation.

He said: “There isn’t any community that would like being judged by the worst 0.0001 percent of its users.”


Still, the ban hasn’t stopped fans of /r/niggers from staying relevant. An attempt to bring back /r/niggers through the /r/niggersrebooted subreddit prompted some people to flood the subreddit with posts of puppies and anti-racist humor. Now some of the /r/niggers users have started their own website and have aimed their attacks on Reddit admins.

What caused /r/niggers from getting banned the first time was that their users started venturing into other parts of Reddit and causing havoc with their vitriolic posts. Earlier this year, some /r/niggers users trolled the /r/blackgirls subreddit and posted racist and sexual vulgar posts towards the community and its users. The attacks went on for weeks until Reddit administrators banned certain /r/niggers users from the site for their disruption and vote manipulation activities. Eventually, the /r/niggers subreddit was banned altogether in late June.

In response to the bans, some of the /r/niggers subreddit moderators created another subreddit, r/RedditMartyrs, claiming that the members banned by Reddit were “dying” to protect free speech.

Their sidebar reads like a memorial for fallen soldiers: “In 2013, Reddit declared war on freethinking subscribers of an uncensored community known as r/niggers. These martyrs were shadow-banned by reddit admins and turned into ghosts. Gone but not forgotten, we honor their memory and their sacrifice.”

Reddit has cracked down on unsavory subreddits before. The site cracked down on sexually offensive content like “creepshots,” where users submitted non-consensual photos of women’s backsides, back in October and Gawker magazine exposed Violentacrez, one of the biggest trolls on Reddit who would frequent “creepshots” and other associated subreddits.

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