Reddit Generates ‘Pizza Storm’ For Hospitalized 2-Year-Old Girl with Cancer


It all began with a handmade sign in a hospital window:

“Send Pizza RM 4112″

The sign, jokingly put up by the family of 2-year-old Hazel Hammersley, had gone unheeded until a Redditor with the username “Ashortstorylong” posted a pic of it to Reddit with the caption, “Photo taken outside Children’s Hospital in Los Angeles. Smart Kid.” It made the front page of the social content site a few hours later. And then the pizzas started coming.

Twenty pizzas were delivered to the room where little Hazel is staying as she undergoes chemotherapy for stage 3 neuroblastoma. More were on the way, but the hospital had to put a stop to the deliveries. It seems there was more pizza than any kid could ever hope to eat — and it is all thanks to the anonymous and kind-hearted folks of Reddit.

Reddit, like fellow site The Chive, used to be known more for funny and salacious photo content, but has lately been using its tremendous fan base for good, engaging in acts of charity, political advocacy and crime prevention.

Clearly little Hazel could do worse than to become a Redditor when she grows up. Of course, if the worst happens and she dies, she could always wind up populating the most noxious forum Reddit has to offer: /r/picsofdeadkids. I guess either way, it is a win for the site.

You stay classy, Reddit.

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