Rémi Gaillard Celebrates 3 Million Subscribers With An Epic ‘Best Of’ Prank Video [VIDEO]

Rémi Gaillard, the true king of the prankers (who has recently returned from an internet hiatus like some sort of digital King Richard), is celebrating 3 million subscribers the classy way — with a “best of” video. And what’s interesting to me is that with such a long and dynamic career of prankery, what I can think of as his “best of” didn’t even crack this video list of his. And that’s not a bad thing — firstly, it is interesting to see what Rémi feels are his major hits. And secondly, it opened fans up to a cache of earlier material that is brilliant but might have been overlooked.

Rémi, we are excited for everything you put out in the future; congrats on the milestone. I can think of but a few greater honors in this day and age than to be pranked by the great Rémi. It would be as if Banksy or Shepard Fairey decided to immortalize you (for better or worse).

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